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The objective of Local Government Ombudsman Watch  is to motivate others into campaigning for the abolition of the LGO and its replacement with a truly independent local government complaints tribunal, where no member previously worked for a council. One that doesn't bury maladministration for their friends and ex colleagues. For the first time, councils will have something to fear when citizens threaten to complain about maladministration.

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We are not the Local Government Ombudsman and we do not investigate complaints. If you are looking for the Local Government Ombudsman's website please click on the link. However, if you want the truth about Public Services and Local Government Ombudsmen visit our new

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Unfortunately we cannot get involved in individual cases. If you need help then please check out the Ombudsman Watchers Resource Centre links page Or ask for help on a public forum. We are not responsible for any information provided by the sites we link to and are not connected to any public forum.

Did you know?

That the LGO have the worst customer satisfaction rating of all Public Services Ombudsmen!

Write about your experience of the LGO

If you want to help others please consider writing an account of your experience with the Local Government Ombudsman. This could be a simple letter or a full blown case study. The important thing is to let others know the truth about Local Government Ombudsmen.

You are not alone

Thousands of complainants have suffered injustice at the hands of the biased Local Government Ombudsman. Read some of the harrowing accounts on this and other websites.

Time to get rid of the biased LGO

(Copyright Frank Fitzgerald, reproduced with kind permission.)

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All resources are now available through a new central Public Service and Local Government Ombudsman Watchers Resource Centre (OWRC). Please use the links above.

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